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Help Restore Hale Creek With Free Electronics Drop Off!

The Permanente Creek watershed encompasses 28 square miles, including portions of the cities of Los Altos, Mountain View, Cupertino, and Los Altos Hills. The creek originates in the Santa Cruz Mountains and discharges into San Francisco Bay through Mountain View Slough. Hale Creek is the major tributary to Permanente Creek.

This key water way is home to many wildlife creatures - from fish to birds to turtles and all sort of other four legged inhabitants of our community. Maybe even one of our pets stops for a cool drink every now and then.

Our recycling program is trying to remove 500 tons of unused electronics from Silicon Valley in an effort to keep these heavy metals and other toxic materials from our local landfills. In doing so, we hope to use the proceeds from these efforts to restore the deep channel erosion that is occurring on our creek banks. This erosion threatens our natural wildlife and we are seeking to restore several hundred feet of the creek bank with natural materials rather than cement bags or other man made materials. If our efforts are succussful, we hope to gain state and federal matching grants aimed at natural waterway restoration.

You can help us achieve this goal by bringing your unused electronic devices to this free recycling drop-off; tell a friend about this program; see if your employer also has unused or obsolete electronics that they would like to recycle free of charge.

Not only will you unload your unused electronics, but you will be keeping them from entering our landfills - and thus our natural habitats.

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